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New painting Harbour Mallaig A3 gouache

Header - Original Art

Original Art Work
Shown below are some samples of original paintings and commissions. The artist has painted the River Nith many times and as a child used to spend his summers at Conheath Cottages near Glencaple. His father the late John Macdonald Clark a well known local poet was born at Conheath and wrote fondly of the Nith and its many moods. The poems 'Sang O The Nith', 'Burns Walk' and 'Evening Epilogue' describe it perfectly. It seems the poetic genes have passed through the generations.

'Run sparklin Nith aye liltin rin
atween the braes o Enterkin
dance whaur the wee winds heid-lang race
tae glimpse thy bonnie smilin face;
Gar the young mists o mornin spin
thy maiden goun as fine an thin as ony lace'

The striking image of the Path near Dalscone again is situated on Burns Walk. Mid October the colours of leaves can be quite striking and the light that plays between the giant beech and oak creates warm shadows that dance over the rough path

'River Path near Dalscone ' A2 Size original.  Shown courtesy of Mr & Mrs George King A birthday surprise - shown with kind permission of Mr Douglas Carruthers of Thornhill.

The Inner Eye
For anyone who has a fondness for Dumfries and Galloway the poems add depth to the work on show. With the inner eye they capture that which is sometimes hard to define on canvas - the movement of the tide, the shadows that descend at dusk, the beauty that is all around us and how it shapes our lives.

'Where Nith at ebb-tide seeks tae win
in hameward flicht the parent Firth
I watched yestreen the shadows rin
lang efter day had shed its mirth
an aye, as doon the hills they strayed
the caller air aroun me played.'

The bridge shown, spans the River Nith a mile or so South-West of Thornhill on the road to Penpont. It's a tranquill spot where local people, in days gone bye, learned to swim. The boat shown is of a fishing boat in for repair at Mallaig.

'Rendezvous at the Snow Cap Cafe'. image size A3 -4 aprox    sold shown courtesy of Mr E Green 'Ventian Facade'  image size A3 -4 aprox    NFS

Contemporary Landscape
John Clark doesn't restrict himself to local landscape work but takes delight in unusual and challenging subjects. Shown above and below are some works drawn from travelling in America and Italy.

Other Contemporary Work
The artist also paints unusual contemporary landscapes. 'The Battle of Stirling Bridge' is available an A3 print. It comes with an original poem. More details on this on the Ltd Edition prints page.

Shown courtesy of Mr E Green Dumfries ponte pietro  Verona 750


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