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An Experience of Drowning -Poems & Prose by John Clark.


An Experience of Drowning - by John Clark. Copies are £12.50 post free to UK buyers. £4.00 per copy extra for International buyers.

UK Buyers

International Buyers



Header - Poetry

An ‘Experience of Drowning’, was launched to critical acclaim in 2002. The poetry book is illustrated and covers episodes of the author/ artist’s life that are sometimes sad, sometimes thought provoking and often hilarious. There are also some short pieces of prose.

Only a thousand books were printed and copies are only available via Landscapes Gallery, Gracefield Studios in Dumfries or by mail order as detailed below. The book is signed by the author and is post free in the UK. Please add £4.00 for postage out-with the UK. Cost £12.50 per copy.


Davie Shankland says...
°I can only describe my reading of these poems as a therapeutic experience, a seduction of the senses. It is in truth, a volume which spans the whole spectrum of human experience, which runs the whole gamut of our emotions. Such is John's skill as a poet he has the capacity to make us laugh or cry. Through his insight into the human condition he can make us feel the faintest fluttering of the heart. In summary this book leaves us wanting more so by that token... what more can anyone want?"
David Shankland MBE is a well known public speaker, radio personality and raconteur.

Hugh McIntyre says... "John Clark moves over a broad canvas of life experience, much of it autobiographical. To his great credit there is no hint of the pretentiousness and pomposity which plagues so much of the current "Me, Me, Me," culture. John has stepped up a gear from his earlier efforts and in so doing rewards us with a fluid, fluent and very competent display that works the full range of human emotion. He has managed to observe without being judgmental but with wry wit and sympathetic eye, has shown himself to be kind, empathetic and astute witness to the passing parade. Enjoy!"
Hugh McIntyre D.A. is a much-respected artist whose work is recognised and acclaimed world-wide.

Shirley Bell says...
Quoting Robert Bums

`The muse, nae poet ever fand her,
Till by himsel he leam'd to wander
An no think lang;
O sweet to stray, an pensive ponder
A heart-felt sang!'
Robert Bums (1759-1796)

"John Clark has wandered into the mind to unearth a treasure chest of memories. With an obvious passion for the written word he would have been an ideal companion for Scotia's Bard".
Shirley Bell is the Chief Executive of the Robert Burns World Federation.

Peter J. Westwood says...
"...I found the entire contents amusing, sad, true to life, topical but above all entertaining with the added bonus of beautiful illustrations by John himself, a most accomplished artist. There must be more to come".
Peter J. Westwood is the editor of the Burns Chronicle.

“John Clark’s talent is limitless! His poetry and prose are sometimes serious, sometimes humorous but always thought provoking and entertaining. ‘The Maid of the Seas’ (Sang O the Nith) in particular is a special piece that eloquently and vividly recalls buried emotions from the past.”
Beth Taylor from Bristol, Tennessee U.S.A.

‘Sang o the Nith’ a full colour hardback is also available from Dumfries Libraries Price £25.00. Very much a collector’s item this book is virtually sold out and very few copies remain. Please phone Dumfries & Galloway Libraries to check availability. 01387 - 252070.


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