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Header - About The Artist

About the artist and his work
John Clark was born 1952 in Dumfries Scotland. Completely self-taught he draws inspiration from the beautiful landscape of S.W.Scotland. Through his art he conveys the colours of the changing seasons and abundant subject matter found in Dumfries & Galloway. Although he sometimes uses colour notes and drawings to assist his landscape work, pressures on time and the unpredictable climate has led him to embrace digital technology. Like many artists, using digital studies, he can amass a sizable amount of reference material in a relatively short period of time to use in the comfort of his studio.

The gathering of digital imagery allows him to study a subject from many perspectives - the way a shadow falls is ever changing as is the landscape on which the light falls. It also allows the capture of images from unusual vantage points where conventional outdoor painting methods would be impossible. He may visit a scene several times before deciding on the best approach. When he has sufficient information will he approach his client to discuss ideas for composition, lighting and suggestions that will enhance the finished work.

This may include the inclusion of a figure to create a sense of perspective,the removal of an ugly pylon,washing blowing on a line to suggest movement. Laptop technology is particulary useful in commission work as he can discuss ideas with the client before committing to canvas. With artistic licence and no small amount of skill he will spend as long as it takes to finish the artwork which is not only beautiful but an investment that can be handed down through the generations. If the inspiration takes him he may write a poem to accompany the finished work adding further dimension to his work.

The study of the boat 'The Maid Iris' is a good example of the artist's work.

The Maid Iris Kippford - A2 Image sold shown with kind permission of E Green Shieldhill Dumfries Criffel from Glencaple

The Dumfries & Galloway Fine Art Society
A long standing member of the Dumfries and Galloway Fine Art Society ( www.dumfriesandgallowayfineartsociety.org.uk ) and a regular contributor to the popular Harbour Gallery in Kirkcudbright his work can be found in many mixed exhibitions with other prominent artists in South West Scotland including Jane Gibson and many others. A portfolio of his prints is on display at Phil's Frames Buccleuch St Dumfries. His books and prints are also available for purchase direct from this site, Landscapes Gallery, Gracefield Art Centre Dumfries or Dumfries & Galloway Libraries.

Introduced to Gracefield Art gallery via the Dumfries & Galloway Fine Arts Society's 47th annual art exhibtion by a young Hugh McIntyre, he progressed to serve on the Society's ex council for some years. For any budding artists out there, it is well worth logging into the web link above where details of how to join the Dumfries & Galloway Fine Art Society are clearly displayed. The cost of membership is very reasonable which not only allows submission to arguably one of the best shows of fine art in SW Scotland but access to a wonderful series of winter lectures for the cost of a cup of tea. The Society also offer summer workshops tutored by well known professional artists. Details on request from the hon sec.

The Ltd Edition Prints available from this site are good quality lithographs. Since launched in 1992 they have found homes all over the world. Some high quality Giclee digital prints have recently been introduced to his portfolio. The print 'Safe Harbour' at Puerto Mogan, 'Wars o Independence' and 'Caulback' are good examples of this.

Educated in Dumfries he left a full time engineering course at Dumfries Technical College in 1967 to join the ICI where he worked as a process operator for seven years. After many years working within financial services he retired in 2011 which allows him to write and paint from his home studio when the notion takes him.

Married with two adult children he lives near Dumfries High School where he received his secondary education. Through his poetry and painting, his work explores and highlights the beautiful landscape of South West Scotland.

If you cannot find a painting or print to suit on Landscapes website it might be worthwhile visiting World Classic Gallery on www.allartclassic.com to view a wide range of oil paintings and prints available from artists from all parts of the world. Alternatively visit Forex-Trading-Strategies.org - Business Resources
for a host of art related topics under the ARTS Tab. Another useful web site is Dumfries and Galloway Online where other local artists web sites are listed.

Criffel from Dalton 'Caulback' A2 original  sold

Very much a Scottish Artist
He is very proud of his Scottish roots and is a member of the Dumfries Burns Howff Club and supports the Robert Burns Worldwide Federation. Some samples of his line drawings can be found in the famous Globe Inn in Dumfries, acknowledged as Roberts Burns' favourite hostelry. A keen Burnsian, John Clark held the post of President of the Burns Howff Club in Dumfries whose clubroom is situated at the Globe Inn (year ending April 2015). The popular hardback 'Sang O the Nith' published by Dumfries & Galloway Libraries and Archives in 1996 to commemorate the Bi-centenary of the death of Robert Burns has all but sold out. Within its covers are many full colour illustrations and line drawings by the artist. Subject to availability this book can be purchased direct from Dumfries and Galloway Libraries and Archives just log on to their website. Alternatively a few copies remain in Landscapes Gallery and can be purchased direct from the gallery. Cost 25.00 If posting is required a carriage charge will apply to this particular book of 4.00 UK. International orders vary but will be no more than 10.00 postage and packing. In 2012 John Clark closed the Landscapes Gallery and retired. He paints mainly now for leisure. Prints can still be purchased directly from the website or via Phil's Frames Buccleuch St Dumfries.

Contemporary work
When embarking on contemporary work he starts with a blank canvas and a clear mind letting his subconscious guide him to conclusions that can be both stimulating and exciting. There are many sides to John Clark's work some yet to be fully explored.


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