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Autumn Gold Ltd Ed 850
Autumn Gold Ltd Ed 850


Autumn Gold Ltd Ed 850



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Autumn Gold captures well the warm and vivid colours of the changing seasons. The path is in fact the most Northerly part of the famous Burns Walk which ends at Dalscone Farm on the outskirts of Dumfries town at the Dumfries & County Golf Club. The river bank at this particular point of the Nith is steep,lined with giant beech, oak and hawthorn trees. With the passage of time erosion has cut into the banking washing away the firm brown earth, leaving some trees hanging almost by a thread. In the thought provoking poem 'River Walk' from the book 'An Experience of Drowning' the artist gives painting another dimension.

'and so they cling precariously
to the edge
fearful of that final drop
to the river far below
to join old friends, who perhaps
by protesting too loudly
were taken down by natural erosion
to lie in the 'Elephants' Graveyard'
of trees that were politically incorrect..

On the path from Dalscone to Dumfries
you can lose yourself
on a good day
wishfully walk forever..'

Extract from the book 'An Experience of Drowning'by John Clark



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