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The Cockle Boat Ltd Ed 850
The Cockle Boat Ltd Ed 850


The Cockle Boat Ltd Ed 850



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A striking picture of an old fishing boat washed up by the tide to rest on the banks of the River Nith near the village of Glencaple. The artist painted this boat twice as a working boat and finally as a wreck on the foreshore of Conheath Cottages where by an odd twist of fate the artist's father was born and where he as a young child almost drowned in a deep pool. This provided the inspiration for the poem 'An Experience of Drowning' and the cover illustration for the book of the same name. Don't be put off by the title it was a rather pleasant experience. The poem has been described as a 'powerful piece of writing' which examines a shared experience between a young child and an inaminate object.

'Down, down
as I fell on this weightless flight
I had no fear, no desire to fight
such was my experience of drowning..'

'No summer sun here to bleach your bones
then by quirk of fate
a freak tide tore you from your grave
gathered you like driftwood
and in the slow salty rinse of the Solway
washed and gently laid you down to dry...'

Extracts from the poem 'An Experience of Drowning'



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