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Fishing Nets at Douglas Hall Ltd Ed 850
Fishing Nets at Douglas Hall Ltd Ed 850


Fishing Nets at Douglas Hall Ltd Ed 850



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Stake Nets have been used in the Solway and other parts of Scotland for many generations. When fast moving tides recede vast mudflats are left exposed. The landscape changes dramatically leaving pools of reflected light scattered over the mudded sand. To the artist poet this subject matter has a peaceful tranquility that is quite unique. To the unwary and those who do not understand the nature of the Solway, its creeks and hidden channels, this can be a deceptively dangerous place.

'There is a silence here
a quiet embracing calm
for when the tide recedes
and leaves behind -
this vast expanse of sand
there seems to be no threat
no danger... how can there be?
Only salmon nets exist
to cut into the sky
and break that perfect symmetry
of pools and creeks
stretched far as the eye can see
there is no danger here
how can there be?

From the book 'Sang o the Nith'



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