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Southerness Lighthouse Ltd Ed 850
Southerness Lighthouse Ltd Ed 850


Southerness Lighthouse Ltd Ed 850



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Southerness or Satterness lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse along the Galloway coast. During its working life it was used to guide ships through the difficult channels of the Solway Firth.

'They traversed the channel by your beaming eye
when you gazed seaward on the darkest nights
and never a glance in anger did you pay those men
whose merchandise brought profit
to your paymaster's den..

now the lone stonework stands pale in the bay
like some ancient temple that had worshipped the day
you had worshipped the night
now even your acolytes have taken flight
Satterness.. Once Lord o the night'

Extracts from the poem Satterness by Alan Clark from the book 'Sang O the Nith'.

More poems by Alan can be read by borrowing the book 'Sang o the Nith' from Dumfries & Galloway Libraries.
His poem 'Tae a midge' is well worth looking up and those who have been bitten by the cursed Scottish midge might look on the cursed beastie with a different perspective.



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