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Rough Island 'Autumn Burnings' Ltd Ed 850
Rough Island 'Autumn Burnings' Ltd Ed 850


Rough Island 'Autumn Burnings' Ltd Ed 850



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Summer months can leave the hills around this part of the coast tinder dry and occasionally small bush fires break out in the bracken. This striking image of Rough Island from the Jubilee Path near Kippford, shows how devasting the effect of fire can be on the lansdcape and yet there still persists a beauty that cannot be destroyed.

The poem by Alan Clark 'Autumn Burnings' in the book 'Sang O The Nith' describes the scene from a poetic perspective.

' Let all the rain come down and soak the land in puddles
in rivulets and hollows on this leaden day
for there is a glimmer in the undergrowth
an inkling of hope that a seed will rise forth
into the majesty of its roots-
roots to branches and trees, roots to ancestors and

its parents
look can you see them now?
those who stood once as proud and bejewelled as royals:
scarlet to russet, amber to ochre
those who were so mighty and strong
their bare bark a shadow of their lives long gone..

now only their ghosts remain to remind the tide
of their past fame
those who were struck down by an autumnal flame.
look can you see them now?
Sad sentinels guarding the shore from the sea
watery wraiths in the rain
look can you see them now?'

extract from the poem 'Autumn Burnings' from the book 'Sang o the Nith'.



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