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Rosefield Mills Ltd Ed 850


Rosefield Mills Ltd Ed 850



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Rosefield Mills serves as a poignant reminder of just one of the many large woollen mills that provided so much employment in the region before, during and after the war years in the region. It was also one of the last buildings in Dumfries to boast a large industrial chimney stack that was once such a prominent feature of the Dumfries skyline.

Although now in a state of disrepair, on close inspection the building is quite ornate and it is often remarked by locals and visitors alike that the old mill would be well worthy of restoration.

In 1985 the local authorities ran a competition, the winner of which had the privilege of detonating the explosives that would change the Dumfries skyline forever. Oddly enough on the day the event was scheduled to take place a strange mist swept up the River Nith and obscured from view completely the very sight that everyone came to witness.

To the bemusement of the sizable crowd that had gathered, the event proceeded on time. All that could be heard was a dull 'clump'. When the mist eventually cleared some hours later it was if the giant chimney had disappeared into thin air.

'thus nature her ain veil did draw
owre sic apocalyptic fa..'

The poem 'Rosefield Mills' records the events of that day in the book 'Sang o the Nith'.



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