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'Wars O Independence' Ltd Ed 250 A3 size
'Wars O Independence'   Ltd Ed 250  A3 size


'Wars O Independence' Ltd Ed 250 A3 size


A3 aprox 18ins by 12ins print size

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To celebrate 10years since the opening of Landscapes Gallery in 1997 three stunning brand new prints have been launched.

'Wars O Independence' depicts the artist's interpretation of the famous 'Battle o Stirling Bridge' led by the Scottish Patriot William Wallace. The battle was a defining moment in Scottish history and paved the way for Robert the Bruce to gain Scottish Independence on the fields of Bannockburn.

The battle itself was a significant military achievement cleverly annexing about 5000 English footsoldiers and 100 knights on horseback on one side of the 'brig'. In the panic that ensued John de Warren the English commander set fire to the bridge to avoid even heavier losses. The painting conveys well the mayhem and slaughter of battle at its height. Each print carries with it a poem by the artist/poet.

'Wars O Independence'

'In Arrogance they came and went
their prejudice in battle spent
and on that glorious day were slayed
an' for their folly dearly paid.
In consequence, mair bluid wad rin
upon the fields o Bannockburn
Oor freedom then by Bruce proclaimed
Oor independence rightly claimed!'

J Clark 2007

Important Notes:
'Wars O Independence' is strictly limited to 250 prints. Unframed prints measure aprox 18 inches by 12 inches (once mounted and framed aprox 24ins by 19ins). Unframed prints are available by ordering direct either via the web site or by approaching the artist on 01387 263280. Framed prints available via the gallery or via Ottersburn Gallery in Dumfries who offer a custom framing service. Currently unframed prints are available post free in the UK. Please add 4 for orders outwith the UK.

The image shown has been reduced in size to protect copyright. To truly appreciate this Ltd EDition it is well worth popping into the gallery to view a framed copy.



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