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Caulback Ltd Ed 250 A3 size
Caulback Ltd Ed 250  A3 size


Caulback Ltd Ed 250 A3 size


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To celebrate 10yrs since opening the Gallery another new print has been added to the portfolio. Using a little artistic license John Clark has depicted in gouache what the Caul and Devorgilla bridge might have looked like at the turn of the Century. 'Caulback' as it is known locally was built to power the large mill which is now a well know visitor attraction. For those interested in the famous poet Robert Burns and local history 'The Robert Burns Centre' is well worth a visit and is only a short walk from the Observatory Museum, an another well known landmark.

'Caulback, Caulback...
I've looked intae yer waters deep and dark
and mony just like me that ken ye weel
can ne're deny they've been enchanted by yer spell...

An extract from the poem 'Caulback'by J Clark from the book 'Sang O The Nith'.



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